Voltage Controlled Oscillator,VCO, Square, Triangle, Saw wave Outputs, 1V/OCT CV, PWM CV, 8HP



ModularAnalog's VCO is an 8hp module with 4 outputs that includes Square, Triangle, Saw wave and a Square to Saw mix output.

  • Sawtooth Core VCO
  • 1V/Oct CV input tracking for 4 Octaves
  • CV input used as voltage sum to the incoming 1V/Oct CV 
  • Coarse and Fine tune 
  • CV input for Pulse width modulation 
  • PWM manual control Knob 
  • Saw to Square mix control Knob 
  • Square/Triangle/Saw/Square to Saw mix outputs


Inclusive of all taxes


Technical specifications

Power SupplyEurorack power supply
Power Usage12V 100mA
HP (Eurorack Width)8HP
ColorCerulean Blue - Brushed Metal Look
MaterialAnodized Brushed Aluminium
Made InIndia
Included in boxPower Cable

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