LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator with Square and Triangle to Sine outputs with CV control



Our Low Frequency Oscillator provides you with 2 outputs, Square wave output and a unique Triangle to Sine output ranging from 0.1Hz to 11Hz which can be used effectively as CV for VCF's resonance or cutoff, CV for VCA or just go crazy and use it as a CV for VCO's Pitch. 

  • 0.1Hz to 11Hz output 
  • Square wave and Triangle - Sine output 
  • Individual CV inputs for Square and Triangle - Sine 
  • Input CV level controls 
  • The CV affects the LFO in an interesting way and changes texture of the output waveform depending on input level and the output intensity
  • Sync input 


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Technical specifications

Power SupplyEurorack power supply
Power Usage12V
HP (Eurorack Width)12HP
Weight0.120 kg
ColorCerulean Blue - Brushed Metal Look
MaterialAnodized Aluminium
Made InIndia
Included in boxPower Cable

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