ModularAnalog is an Indian manufacturer of electronic music instruments and audio equipment. Founded in 2016, ModularAnalog is a young and dynamic company led by Artists and Engineers. Their products include Desktop and Modular Synths, Midi Devices, Effects Processors, Audio Patch Cables and electronic music equipment power units. ModularAnalog is one of the first companies in India to venture into building and selling modular synths, making them a pioneer in this space. With focus on the Indian electronic music community, ModularAnalog's goal is to make modular synths and innovative electronic music instruments available in the Indian market at affordable prices.


Well for a fact we are actually artists and engineers. MA is a company built on the foundation of music technology. Founded by a team of successful engineers and musicians, MA's strength comes from possessing a team of developers that include electronic engineers who are also established electronic musicians, Software programmers who have studied music academically, product designers who are qualified sound engineers and sound designers, Live musicians who test the tonality and musicality of our products. MA is India's first professional modular synth company with over 60 members (strength of group of companies) who contribute tirelessly in developing and building the Modular Synth culture in India.

If your have any doubts or would want to ask us any questions regarding the product or shipping then whatsapp / call us on: +91 7738434317